What We Do

Our mission is to improve our client’s performance by helping them develop a data-driven communication plan and allocation of expenditures through the unique experiential history we have, utilizing a better use of data, analytics and communication planning.

“Integrated marketing isn’t about sending email, strong social media, direct mail or creating a blog. It’s about using data and technology to start a meaningful dialogue with your varied audiences. It is being channel neutral.”

We spur collaboration by creating more efficient connections among all your partners, not looking to replace or unseat any of your other relationships. How? Through our extensive experience, we’ve learned the landscape and independently work for you.

Our clients appreciate the fact we work well with any and all of the marketing and advertising partners they may have to insure stronger measurement and revenue growth.

Whether it’s writing integrated marketing plans, conducting a cross-channel effectiveness assessment, developing specific recommendations for site mapping and tagging or consulting on campaign implementation, our value is in making your programs more effective.

Magnifying Glass

Understanding Branding

We are advocates of delivering a well-rounded message to target markets, leveraging off the Brand Image that you’ve already built. Gaining a customer doesn’t start, or end, with a purchase – It’s a consumer journey, sometimes a long journey. We transform ‘personas’ into highly targetable individual consumers at all funnel stages. It begins with a review of your Brand, your competitions Brands, and your differentiators.

Embrace Data

It continues with a review of your information – does it need data hygiene? What is missing? What is valuable? Does the data need to be anonymized to be usable and to provide customer information security? How do you identify anonymized individuals in the digital space? Are they a prospect or a customer? We use a unique blend of analytics to link anonymized consumers with identifiable customers. In the end, what is usable and what is not?

It continues with helping to segment consumers – prospects and customers – by status, attainability and value potential. You can identify consumers that Look Like, Act Like and Think Like your best customers. RMG helps companies maximize the value of customer and prospect data that resides in your organization. We use that data to answer tough questions like “What’s the ROI on that program”, or “How can I measure response attribution”. We connect online and offline analytics to transform the anonymous to the identifiable individual. By capturing interactive channel response, conversion and engagement behavior, we can improve understanding of the individual channel and marketing performance, thereby driving a deeper understanding of conversion, engagement, and funnel activity.

Build Comprehensive Communication Plans (CCP) with expected
expenditures and measured results.

RMG fully embraces the corporate philosophy that we are to be a Partner with our clients. We believe in Results, not Excuses. Our clients consider RMG focused marketers who are committed to achieving the best possible results; who believe our clients should get more than they expect; marketers who enjoy their work; and are enthusiastic about their clients.

Is the old adage “1+ 1 = 3” tired and worn? Maybe, so what about “1+ 1+ 1 = 5”? Do internal resources or your ad agencies provide you with returns on marketing and advertising dollars that are greater than the results from anyone single source?

Implement and Manage

All successful companies have a vision, a personal Mount Everest to climb. The trail can be icy and it can be dangerous. And sometimes, it can even be hard to find. Why? Because at any moment, anyone can get stuck in the mud; workloads increase, demands escalate, not enough staff to accomplish what is needed to be done, business booms and suddenly, what you thought would be a walk in the park turns out to be a nightmare and paralysis sets in.

At RMG it’s our job to help you navigate you through the marketing and advertising forest in one piece, healthy, happy and prosperous.