Bullseye by RMG


RMG Introduces Game-Changing Identity Resolution Ad Tech That Incorporates Geotargeting. http://bit.ly/Bullseye2020

Taking traditional geofencing to a new level, Bullseye from RMG allows marketers to address the long-standing question of identity for location-based events such as festivals, athletic events, concerts, attractions, parks and visitor centers. Now, event sponsors and promoters can identify attendee information by using Bullseye to provide critical household-level information – name, address and email to develop ongoing relationship marketing. By partnering with RMG, clients gain access to over 100 million households and 300+ attributes to enhance initial profiles with demographic, psychographic and geographic information. What was once a transactional, one-time message with a relatively anonymous visitor can become a relationship with a known household that can generate significant marketing ROI.

RMG President Jim Harenchar sees Bullseye as having a dramatic impact on multiple industries. “Data privacy and compliance are more important than ever. Bullseye is fully GDPR and CCPA compliant. Having worked in highly regulated industries such as Financial Services and Insurance for 30+ years, we understand the significance of managing PII. You need a trusted resource as a partner in 2020. I see regional tourism entities and Visitor Bureaus benefiting greatly from resolving what has been a great unknown for them – exactly who is attending their events or visiting the area/region. This allows them to build a privacy-compliant database of those clearly interested in their area and develop ongoing marketing communications using best practice. We can help better define economic impact and budget justification for their funding sources.”

Collegiate athletics will also be a huge beneficiary of Bullseye capabilities – providing insight to “unknown” attendees at football or basketball games that universities have not been able to identify previously. “We see the impact of resolving onsite identity as tremendous in helping collegiate and professional sports to understand who is onsite at the time of the event. Perhaps more important is the ability to then develop ongoing engagement with relevant messaging based on lifestyle and behavioral data we can append to their CRM,” said RMG Founder Stuart Holt. “Building a centralized and regulatory-compliant DataMart across their organization is mission-critical.”

Bullseye also allows users to perform look-back at geolocation for up to 9 months from the event. This historical data overlaid on customer files provides for even greater insight into the attendee’s behaviors and interests.

RMG is offering Bullseye as a stand-alone campaign or an ongoing subscription basis for clients looking to deploy geolocation at multiple events and activities. To learn more about Bullseye from RMG, click here:http://bit.ly/Bullseye2020