Our Work: Eagle Bay Hardscapes

Case Study

Eagle Bay Hardscapes

This multifaceted concrete company with a number of different manufacturing facilities selected RMG to help increase their revenue by marketing to their existing B2B customer base and acquiring new customers.

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The Challenge

The company had recently acquired another manufacturing facility and installed new, state of the art concrete paver manufacturing equipment. Revenue growth needed to double over the next two years to offset the increased overhead expenses.

The Strategy

We began the engagement by developing a new brand identity, Eagle Bay Hardscapes. Utilizing that new name, we set out to develop a multi-year business, sales and marketing strategy around the new brand. This took interviewing their current clients, prospects, the executive group, internal staff, and all of the sales organization. Also, we established 26 prospect industry categories that we could market the company’s services to (home & garden, architecture firms, big box retailers like Lowe’s, etc.)

The Solution

We established a comprehensive communication plan for the company that would be in sync with the sales groups efforts and create opportunity. After reviewing the state of their database, we agreed a CRM system was critically needed. We established 32 different sales and communication initiatives, including trade shows, direct marketing, and radio. We prioritized these 32 initiatives from the most urgent to least (and making the least urgent future initiatives when cash flow was available).

Finally, we created a 12-month calendar that showed when each of these initiatives would occur and the budgets associated with each of the initiatives.

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