Our Work: Southeastern Attraction

Case Study

Southeastern Attraction

RMG developed a proprietary measurement tool we call AdTracker. This tool allows for all advertising – TV, Radio, Outdoor, Social, Display, Email and more, to be tracked by campaign code to analyze and assess response across every channel and iteration. For the first time, clients can measure all advertising and truly analyze campaign performance.

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The Challenge

So many of our clients have struggled to truly understand the success of their branding and awareness advertising as well as their targeted digital campaigns. They still have difficulty defining response attribution and properly allocating budget spend by channel.

The Strategy

The RMG analytical team developed an algorithm to assign specific tracking codes to each piece of advertising content that was developed by the client and their agency partners. A unique identifier was created for each campaign, offer/creative, participating agency partner and delivery channel. By driving the recipient to a response vehicle (in-bound call, website, landing page or click-thru), we were able to track the specific responder, offer and channel.

Conceptual Model of the Data Mart

Datat Flow map for Southeastern Attraction

The Solution

After years of ad spending with little to know ability to measure success or failure, the client was capable of analyzing campaign performance across multiple points: agency partner, individual campaign, channel and targeted recipient. These insights have lead the client to redeploy ad spend on those channels generating the strongest and most measurable ROI and an overall increase in marketing performance of 50% YOY.