Our Work: Southeastern CVB

Case Study

Southeastern CVB

This attraction-focused Destination Marketing Organization (DMO) was coming off a challenging year and recognized they needed for greater insight to their visitors and inquirers. They were looking for a better way to allocate budget and identify their best visitors and measure the effectiveness of their marketing spend.

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The Challenge

While awareness was measured as strong, conversion was poor with good site traffic but an inability to track sales or campaign performance.

The Strategy

Leveraging the visitor and purchaser data from the previous 12 months, we constructed a Data Portrait Analysis. By appending over 20 highly predictive behaviors (age, income, gender, presence of children, net worth, home value, etc.), this comparative report provided valuable insights that allowed us to narrow the focus to the core audience. With the target audience determined, a clone model was built to identify look-alike households within 25 mile increments of the DMO. This data allowed us to narrow the addressable household advertising strategy to the defined audience the model predicted would be most likely to respond within a defined geographic region.

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The Solution

Starting with an early season kick-off, the data insights were deployed across an opt-in email file that generated a 30% CTR. We also launched a targeted display campaign with creative and offer tests to evaluate various offers and response channels. The addressable campaigns consistently generated 20-30% CRT and CPC at or under $1. These insights lead the client to redeploy ad spending on those channels generating the strongest and most measurable ROI and an overall increase in marketing performance of 50% YOY.

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