Our Work: Sun Trust Bank

Case Study

Sun Trust Bank

This super-regional bank wanted to expand their credit card offerings beyond the existing branch footprint. After bringing in new leadership from Citibank, they chose RMG to apply a data-driven methodology to audience selection and targeting for their card expansion.

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The Challenge

SunTrust had been on a strong growth trajectory, stretching their branch footprint across 14 southeastern states. Senior management elected to take a branch focused credit program national and sought a partner to assist in the launch. RMG was selected based on 12 years of credit card and lending experience and a strong strategic capability and helped take the program from 14 states to 26.

The Strategy

Initially RMG met with credit, risk, compliance and marketing teams at SunTrust to chart a strategy that allowed for managed growth in key markets. Using proprietary modeling capabilities, The SunTrust and RMG teams developed multivariate models to select target households. Using a variety of creative versioning, offers, response vehicles and testing, a multichannel campaign was rolled out over 2 years.

The Solution

By deploying a test-and-learn methodology, the RMG team continually refined models to meet response and risk goals as set by the client. Ongoing creative testing across channels, audiences and geographic markets lead to consistent performance improvement. The portfolio grew by over 100% during the 2-year acquisition campaign while meeting KPI set by senior management.

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