With respected tourism research firms like Destination Analyst and Longwoods predicting that in 2021, 70-80% of DMO visitors will be returnees, it seems critically important to know who your visitors really are. That means understanding the detail such as their age, gender, income, presence of children, net worth, behaviors, preferred channels and interests. AT RMG, we’ve used data appending to help our clients gain a MUCH clearer picture of exactly who has an interest in their location, product or service.

RMG offers the Data Portrait Analysis as an analytical tool to better understand your audience. By providing your data files, we perform a series of simple analysis to identify key attributes (demographic, psychographic, geographic) and contrast that to our normative data file of our 100 million US households. This allows you to see how your visitors compare to a national average and benchmark performance of your ad campaigns. Is your visitor older than you expected? Is their wealth and education what you imagined? Do you have a high percentage of visitors with children, and how many children (by age) do they have? The Data Portrait answers all of these questions and provides 3 key takeaways:

  1. Provides a “clean” de-dup file back to you for your marketing and engagement purposes.
  2. Allows you to assess performance of your current ad camapaigns and channel allocation.
  3. Refresh or refine your creative, copy, messaging and budgeting strategy.

To learn more about the RMG Data Portrait Analysis, click here: Data Portrait Analysis 1 sheeter 1.21