In our post-COVID world, is it possible that the visitors you are seeing now might be the most important ever? These travelers have self-identified as individuals who 1) are willing and interested to spend their time and money in your location and 2) Demonstrate a trust factor that allows them to WANT to be in your market over others.

As such, understanding as much about them is critical to building a relationship, increasing engagement and enhancing your visitor insights. Using tools like Bullseye from RMG to identify these visitors by first and last name, terrestrial and email address and enhancing that information with up to 300 demographics are imperative. Why? Having the ability to deliver opt-in email to these “known” visitors will begin the engagement cultivation process. Validating your marketing spending by matching visitor home locations against your media buys, will improve your ROI. And finally, understanding real-time data gleaned from Device ID matching to in-market visitors is measurably more effective than any research or surveys.

Click here to learn more about Bullseye and how our Device ID capture and matching process can allow you to begin to fully understand who is visiting your market in these post-COVID times.

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