RMG’s marketing & media blitz helped put Chesapeake, VA client DroneUp in the national spot light https://www.droneup.com/.

RMG mapped out a tactical media, press and social blitz that catapulted DroneUp from a Chesapeake, VA start-up, to national media darling with spotlights on FoxNews, CBS Evening News, Seattle radio and dozens of newspapers.

President & CEO Jim Harenchar headed a wildly successful PR & media campaign. “In talking with DroneUp CEO Tom Walker, we recognized Hurricane Harvey and Irma represented the opportunity to validate our airspace management platform and provide precious needed support to the impacted communities,” said Harenchar.

DroneUp’s Facebook went viral.  Starting with under 100 likes, it skyrocketed to over 700 likes and thousands of shares.  “At one point, we went from 3k post reviews to over 10k, in 1 day and created over 2.5m impressions in a 72 hour period” said Harenchar.  “Our social media team understands how to do our research to find our targeted audience and end users, and in this case the numbers literally exploded in hours.”

DroneUp is a first-to-market integrator that provides singular air-space management to commercial customers and federal, state, and local emergency managers seeking to employ Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (“UAV”) technology. DroneUp employs its application-based platform in two ways. First, by matching (through its proprietary algorithm) commercial customer requirements with a pool of registered users who are UAV owners and certified UAV pilots; and secondly, by providing mission control during emergency management scenarios.