Know Exactly Who’s Visiting Your Site & Start Targeting Them

Jane was on your site last night. What do you know about her?

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Gain website visitor names, emails and hundreds of demographics and begin multichannel engagement immediately with those expressing interest in your hotel or resort.

Retarget 40 percent of lost leads

How It Works

The SmartPiXL is placed in the header of the website. This allows it to track all pages on that website. One must also include specific language to the privacy policy of the site hosting SmartPiXL which can be referenced below.

Disclaimer for website:

This site is being monitored by one or more third-party monitoring software(s), and may capture information about your visit that will help us improve the quality of our service. You may control the data being collected from your visit by visiting through a universal consumer options page located at

How Will SmartPiXL Help You?

Right now, all your web traffic looks like this. You’re spending precious marketing dollars to build awareness and drive site visitors but despite your click-thru rate, you have no real insight to WHO is visiting your site.

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Within 48 hours of deploying SmartPIXL, you have full visibility in to your traffic. Know EXACTLY who is visiting your digital sites and begin to email, post or retarget your site visitors … BY NAME! SmartPIXL places a pixel in your website header and identifies that site visitor by matching to our 200 million household data file. After matching, we then overlay up to 350 demographic attributes to provide insight to your site visitors; age, income, net worth, presence of children, and much more. You’ll quickly see they look much clearer!

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Reporting and Data Delivery

Data is posted in real time to the SmartPiXL CXP platform. Data can also be exported out of the platform to a standard Microsoft Excel comma separated value file.

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The Excel will include data such as:
Pages visited on your website, name, email, address, marital status, gender, vehicle owned, etc. as long as the data is available.

Where Does the Data Come From?

SmartPiXL data comes from all walks of life; Online data, offline data, transactional data, Real Property records, public records, consumer data file, VIN data file, New Mover file, as well as affiliate data aggregators and more. All fully CCPA and GDPR compliant.

Are you concerned about the impact of First and Third Party cookies on your visitor or guest insights? SmartPIXl is not a cookie-based technology and provides a more effective solution.

How Does Smart PiXL Compare?

Glad you asked. On the surface, all three have a similar goal to kow who is on your website. With that in mind, we can break down the three strategies to show why Smart PiXL is the obvious choice when trying to remarket to anonymous website visitors.

Feature PiXL IP Cookie
Number of data points used to collect data 12 1 1
Number of filter options Endless 0 0
GDPR Compliant Yes No No
CCPA Compliant Yes No No
Works with mobile apps Yes Yes No
Syncs profile info across browsers Yes Yes No
Accurate location reporting Yes No No
Remains consistent over time Yes No No
Ability to blacklist & whitelist referring domains Yes No No
Ability to blacklist & whitelist referring zip codes Yes No No
Lead data can be downloaded | Owned by client Yes No No


Simple — it’s $1,500 per month for the first 90 days and .20 per matched name. No contracts, you are billed month-to-month. You can discontinue the service with 30 days notice. For example, if you have 10,000 site visitors per month, we will average a match of 50% of those visitors, making your monthly cost $2,500 or .50 per name!!