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Response Marketing Group has a long history of working with clients in the hospitality and tourism industry, dating back to 1997. Together, we’ve weathered the tumult of recession from 2008-2010 and the dramatic budget cuts and industry consolidation. We do know that as with 9/11, nearly everyone in the tourism and hospitality community will be touched by this event – some will experience a much bigger impact. We know we will get through this. Together.

We believe that domestic tourism will bounce back much more quickly than international tourism. But, will the tourism sector be ready to capitalize on that, and what little bit can RMG do to help support that recovery? Thru June 30, 2020, RMG will offer a dramatic discount on our Data Portrait Analysis, designed to help our industry and to keep our staff fully engaged during this industry slowdown. We’re offering our full Data Portrait Analysis for $4,500 – a $3,000 discount from our lowest available price!! To learn more about our Data Portrait Analysis, please visit our website In addition, our team is pledging 25% of all Data Profile sales during this period to local Richmond restaurants.

“We’ve relied on research only, and it wasn’t enough. RMG presented answers to questions we’ve been asking—who are our visitors and where do they come from? We’re using this information to improve our marketing effectiveness.” Georgia Turner, Executive Director, West Volusia Tourism.

We can tell you that after 34 years in business and multiple national crises or recessions, we’ve learned one valuable lesson – those best prepared and ready to resume marketing and promotions will recover quickest. Whether you’re managing a local or regional CVB or a state tourism office, understanding your visitor and inquirer is mission-critical in the coming environment. Why? Because knowing your target audience – their age, gender, income, presence of children, do they work or are they retired, what are their hobbies – is the best way for you to drive the fastest and strongest return on your marketing investment. With the dramatic impact COVID-19 has and will have on our industry, using your data to develop targeted audience segments, custom messaging, channel preference and campaign reporting will help secure your budget and funding for years to come. Dollars are always precious, but perhaps no more so than now.

 RMG has performed Data Analysis for dozens of firms – large and small and consistently shown a 100-200% ROI. How? Did you know that almost every company that has an existing data file has somewhere between 30-60% of “dirty” or incorrect data? What is that impact? Take one state tourism department and the 55% bad email or terrestrial addresses they had in their 3 million inquirer files. At $2 per bad record, you can do the math to see just how much waste and expense that represents.

At RMG, our Data Portrait Analysis takes your existing data and performs 4 core functions:

  • Data hygiene – de-duping, merge/purge and NCOA matching to cleanse your entire file, removing bad and incomplete records
  • Reverse appending – we can match an email to the terrestrial address or vice-versa, typically adding 40-60% matches to complete your files
  • Geographic Heat Mapping – allows us to map your visitors and inquirers against our 100 million household file to visually display your data makeup across the US (show sample)
  • Data Appending – we have selected 25 of the most predictive data variables and enhance your files to measure the statistical significance of key factors such as age, gender, income, net worth, length of residence, presence of children and more.

We recognize that no one is going to make any decisions about budget, canceling/rescheduling meetings and events, or marketing until they have more information and a clearer path to recovery.  We recognize now is not the time to “sell” but to support our friends, families and colleagues as we all go through this together. With introspection comes an opportunity to also think ahead and be prepared for the better days. At RMG, we greatly value our relationship with our clients and we will be here . . . ready to move forward when the time is right.