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“Everyone is not your customer,” the timeless quote from Seth Godin, is something you will hear from us quite frequently. Why? If you are in marketing today, data is everywhere. In fact, many of our clients feel they are drowning in data. At what point in history was it possible to know so much about an individual? Their likes, loves, dislikes, passions and more. Better yet, most of that data is self-reported! With the abundance of data available to create personas, segments and custom marketing, clearly we’re capable of recognizing that not everyone is or can be your customer. But are you taking full advantage of the unique assets available to you?

Whether it’s developing a Customer Communication Plan (CCP), deploying Bullseye from RMG (our identity resolution service), or crafting a multichannel digital audience prospecting campaign, our value is in making your programs more effective.

If you are a marketer today looking to develop a Customer Communication Plan (CCP), deploy an identity resolution solution like our Bullseye technology, or craft a multichannel audience prospecting campaign, our value is in making your programs more effective.

Bullseye from RMG
Smart PiXL from RMG

Acquisition & Retention

Data Analysis & Predictive Modeling

Strategic Planning & Campaign Execution

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Do You Really Know Your Customers & Prospects?

Is there a secret sauce to acquiring new customers? We think so, and RMG has been helping clients determine what they know and what they DON’T know about their current customers and prospects. Helping clients leverage the “discovered” information is critical in making their marketing planning better focused and more effective.

For over 30 years, RMG has been an industry leader in data analysis, measurement and implementation. Come learn more about what makes us so good.

Acquisition & Retention

“You can’t choose what you don’t know exists.” That phrase really resonates with us and is often part of our discussion with new clients. Using data and insights, our approach is to help improve marketing performance. Smart, integrated marketing isn’t about sending email, social, direct mail or a blog. It’s about using both “known” and “unknown”information to start meaningful dialogue with your varied audiences. Building long-term engagement is the key to stronger profits.

Data Analysis & Predictive Modeling

Industry analysts are now saying that Data is the new oil – harvesting a commodity for future growth. RMG helpscompanies maximize the value of customer and prospect data that resides in your organization. We use that data to answer tough questions like “What’s the ROI on that program,” “How can I measure response attribution,” or “How do I identify anonymized individuals in the digital space in a highly regulated and compliant way?”

Strategic Planning & Campaign Execution

Who doesn’t want implementation in a more cost effective, one-stop, best of class execution process? No one, so you shouldn’t accept any less. We develop an omni-channel strategy paired with flawless execution, generating outcomes that meet or exceed goals.

We believe in Results, not Excuses.



Nearly 40% of in-house data files contain bad or “dirty” records. This is a costly and debilitating problem for many clients. RMG offers CASS, NCOA, Zip+4, Geocoding, De-Dup and merge-purge capabilities. Each of these processes save money by reducing undeliverable records in a database.

This foundational report is an information-rich view of any database that offers a visual snapshot of customer demographics. The analysis shows a penetration index of each demographic attribute, answering questions such as: How well are we doing with women? Or Millennials?

RMG first started deploying custom modeling in 1986 – univariate, logistic regression, neural nets and more. Our models are used to predict the desired outcome (respond, purchase, donate) and create unique, identifiable segments of customers to optimize campaign messaging and response.

Our approach identifies key segments and their corresponding value/importance along with current and future opportunities. We look to reveal the needs and behaviors of the defined segments and bring these segments to life utilizing profile data and survey/appended data.

The DataMart is the most cost-effective tool available, allowing you to take control of your data and maximize your marketing effectiveness. RMG designs and builds cloud-based data marts for tracking multichannel campaigns in highly regulated and compliant-driven industries. RMG’s 30+ years of managing secure data make us a leader in DataMart solutions.

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Ad Tech

Want to know who’s at your stadium, concert, festival or sporting event? Bullseye delivers Industry compliant technology and strategy to provide GDPR & CCPA Compliant identity resolution services to those clients seeking full visibility to their audiences. Click here to learn more about Bullseye.

Many clients have data files with 30-50% missing email or terrestrial addresses. Using our data services partners, we can match to over 100 million records providing critical data to effectively communicate with customers and prospects alike.

RMG and our partners can harness the power of over 200 million permission-based consumer email addresses. Pair that with over 300 demographic and lifestyle attributes on our subscribers and you can execute highly targeted campaigns with all major email and internet service providers.

Smart marketers know that the prospects most likely to click and buy are those that look like existing customers. By leveraging the analysis conducted on your data, Targeted Ad Display allows you to show your ad to specific buyers across all devices – phone, tablet or computer – and optimize your response rates across online and offline campaigns.

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Our staff includes designers, copywriters, editors and subject matter experts with more than 150 years of collective experience. We spur collaboration – among our team and with our clients, to create more effective communication and persuasive messaging with your clients, regardless of the medium.

Since 1986, we’ve worked with local, regional and national partners to provide print production. One of our Founders likes to say “if you can find it better and faster than from RMG, do it.” We utilize regional print partners or can source national vendors as needed.

Most companies lack internal resources to manage the various components of a campaign. Our team of seasoned professionals have been in the agency and production industry for years, with experience in implementing traditional print and digital campaigns.

You can’t improve what you don’t measure and that’s where RMG starts with many clients. Whether it is standard or proprietary reporting, RMG embeds measurement in every campaign, across every channel, to evaluate success against your goals.

RMG has been fortunate to maintain longstanding partnerships with data providers and list services. Starting with several hundred raw data source feeds, we can source virtually every consumer in the US including basic contact elements (postal, phone, email) as well as hundreds of demographic fields, properties and more.

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