We’re anxious to engage in a conversation with you. That’s where the learning starts and we begin to mutually assess a path to understand and achieve your goals and objectives. As we prepare to engage, you can anticipate the discussion and the questions we may be asking. Here is what that may sound like, so let’s talk.

Ask Yourself These Questions…

• What are your peers and competitors doing better than you?  Why?

• How do you measure success, propensity, timing and investment return?

• How do you segment prospects and customers?

• How does segmentation impact your communication strategy and/or investment?

• Are you able to analyze contacts across channels to the level you would like? Is it providing better information and measurement?

• How would you like to improve your marketing mix and ability to improve measurement of the different components?

• What percent of ads served are based on a consumer’s Customer or Prospects status and value potential?

• How do you link online behavior with CRM data?

• Do your Brand Planners and Data Analysts work well with each other?

• What digital data are you collecting from your visitors and members? Is your campaign platform and your web analytics platform connected?

• Is the digital conversion funnel (awareness, onsite, inquiry, engagement, purchase/no purchase) providing the insights you are looking for?

• Is data captured through your interactive marketing channels currently used for any analytics/modeling/scoring/segmentation?

• How satisfied are you with your integrated cross-channel interactive marketing efforts?

• How satisfied are your customers with your recognition and treatment?

• What would you like to be doing tomorrow that you are not doing today?

We would love to hear from you.

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