Explore in-depth interviews with Jim Harenchar, CEO of Response Marketing Group, to learn more about ad technology, data mining, customer segmentation, and improving return on marketing investment.

On this episode of Destination on the Left, I talk all things data with James Harenchar. Jim clarifies the types of data that are available, and how they help build predictive models and analytics that deliver a reduced cost per acquisition. He demonstrates how data has helped tourism marketers achieve better results with some recent case studies. Jim also walks us through the evolving nature of the direct response marketing industry, and how response attribution works in the digital world.

What You Will Learn: How Jim leverages data analytics, predictive modeling for clients in the travel and tourism sector Where Jim finds the data that we don’t have and the ‘secret sauce’ of matching it to messaging How building relationships translates into better, more effective marketing Why and how you should be differentiating your messaging for different audiences Why consistency across your messaging, imagery, and CTA considerably boosts your advertising response rate Engaging the Audience In the travel and tourism industry, we are always looking to marry customer insights with marketing strategy and use the data we have more effectively. But in some cases, it’s the data we don’t have that would help me gain greater insight into what individuals are looking for from a destination or experience. It’s great if you have a first name and last name and an email address but if you don’t have any detail on gender, income, whether they have children or are an empty nester then it’s much more difficult to tailor your messaging and engage that individual that’s already in your database in a meaningful way.

Personalized Messaging: The relevance of digital marketing is more important than ever, so the more data you have on your client base the more likely it is that you will be able to personalize your ads. The direct marketing industry has evolved to where potential visitors expect the images and ads that they’re seeing to be focused on their interests. This is where data, analysis, and segmentation can help professionals in the destination marketing world achieve personalization more quickly and efficiently.

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