Customer Engagement

What RMG does for clients is simple, we use our elevated data for more insightful customer engagement, resulting in better, replicable, marketing performance.

Get the Whole Story

Unlike others in the customer data space, the data RMG provides tells a more complete story. Our data is a set of focused records designed to not only outline the customer journey from first touchpoint to the desired action, but also profiles, in great detail, who the customer is and what external factors impact and motivate them in their behavior. With deeper customer insight, at scale, RMG can deliver more proactive solutions.

Influence Behavior

RMG empowers customized messaging for more effective communications and engages the customer in a way that makes them feel known and understood. And in doing so we influence behavior and elevate return on ad spend. As we continue down the path to clarity in the data we begin to recognize patterns, which allows us to become predictive, future looking, so now we can see where customers want to go. Together we can make sure we take them there.

What Makes Us Different?


It is our business to use data to be predictive. With the pace of change and the shifting external forces that impact consumer behaviors, RMG reveals patterns in responsive data, staying on top of trends, technologies, and insights that help our clients to see around corners.


We know the customer journey, but we also clarify the details around that customer, revealing a clear picture of their profile, demographic, psychographic and other nuanced data points that are powerful and actionable.


RMG steps in the knowledge gap with analytics and reporting accountability designed to support marketing decisions, budget allocations, and tactical executions, empowering the ability to do more with less.

Data is critical for tourism recovery

“The RMG technology has increased our marketing effectiveness across every metric.”

Stacy Hamilton

Director of Marketing, Alys Beach

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