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At RMG we are proud to work with clients who appreciate the value of data in their marketing systems. Here we highlight just a few examples of what we’ve done to take thier engagement to the next level.


Driving results in tourism, financial, non-profit, and insurance segments


We have been working in the travel and tourism sector since 1997, with major hospitality leaders such as Marriott, The Ritz Carlton and Disney as well as independent properties, Convention & Visitors Bureaus, State Tourism Departments and industry advocates like Southeast Tourism Society and the Resort Hotel Association.


RMG has worked with non-profit partners since their inception in 1986. Providing core services such as data hygiene and specialty list services, direct mail and email creative and deployment, member/donor segmentation and predictive modeling. The focus is on helping non-profits maximize their budget by measuring ROI and delivering assets that drive member growth, donation growth and critical retention.


In a highly competitive and regulated industry, finding the right audience is key to driving marketing success. Our experience includes providers that focus on traditional life/home/auto to the Hyper Wealth segment that is very difficult to identify and target. RMG delivers consistent campaign success across every insurance segment.


Our heritage is firmly rooted in financial services, dating back to 1986. Since the early days at RMG, our bank and credit union clients have embraced the use of predictive modeling: next-likely-product purchase, cross-sell and upsell, acquisition and retention campaigns. Our channel-neutral methodology delivers an unbiased approach to marketing effectiveness.

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