American Humane Association


Optimizing the Outreach

the challenge

This very well-known non-profit had utilized direct mail as a membership and revenue generating channel for many years. Slowly response rates to DM had eroded and the client was looking to maximize multichannel marketing while continuing to use DM more effectively.

Young handsome man taking a selfie with his dog

the strategy

RMG outlined a proposed approach designed to increase key goals leading to a membership increase of 10% or more as requested by the client.  Our focus was to; Increase site visitor average time on site by 25%, increase the current email conversion rate, Increase current housefile email address percentage to 40% or greater, Increase online donor percentage rate to over 40% and to Increase the overall member base.

the solution

RMG created an integrated, multi-channel renewal and acquisition campaign.

The campaign included creative deployment through a unique campaign landing page, direct mail, email, PR, social and display. The campaign focused on creating User Generated Content – posting a new hero or image daily, curated by images from donors. Working with client resources and with the findings from our data analysis, we  determined the optimum media mix, creative application and messaging for the campaign

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