Leveraging our proprietary data science tools allows you to reach the “holy grail” of marketing analysis and understanding. 

A Clear Picture of Your Website Visitor With SmartPIXL

Deploy SmartPiXL and you have full visibility into your web traffic. When you know who is visiting your websites you can email, post or retarget your site visitors by name. SmartPIXL places a pixel in your website header and identifies a site visitor by matching their unique IP address to our 200 million household data file. 

After matching, we then overlay up to 350 demographic attributes to provide insight to your site visitors; age, income, net worth, presence of children, and much more. With a clear picture of your website visitor your marketing communications can be smarter about what you say to whom, building better relationships and impacting behavior.

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“RMG’s ad tech capabilities are a game-changer”

Bennish Brown

Bennish Brown, Executive Director, Destination Augusta

97% of website visitors do not convert

40% of website visitors can be identified and retargeted with SmartPiXL

.50 Is our average cost per visitor name and clear profile

You own all of the data supplied by RMG

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