Jane Smith Was On Your Website Last Night

Jane, mother of two children 12 and 14, marathon runner and avid skier, was on your site looking at your area and attractions. She has been to Orlando, the Grand Canyon and Boulder in the last 3 years. She may have clicked on a Facebook ad or found you on a Google search or received your email. Do you know? Not just how she found you, but all about Jane and her interests? […]

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The Importance of Knowing Your Customer and Prospect

Business, ultimately, comes down to relationships. Can you imagine sitting with your three closest friends and knowing nothing about them? What would you talk about? How would you plan events or gatherings together? How would you even know that these are people you want to associate with in the first place? […]

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The Goldmine You’re Sitting On

You’re sitting on a goldmine, and may not even know it. We’ve worked with countless organizations over our 35 years in business. We’ve seen hundreds of thousands, and even millions of dollars thrown at marketing and advertising campaigns—and even with all of that money spent, some organizations still didn’t have a good grasp on their customers’ basic demographics prior to working with us. […]

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RMG Announces SmartPIXL Technology, Extending Bullseye Identity Resolution Capabilities

  Response Marketing Group announced yesterday they are excited to deploy SmartPIXL technology as a part of their Bullseye identity resolution suite of services. Working with M1 Data & Analytics as a partner, SmartPIXL allows clients to identify branded site visitors across all digital properties, like websites, landing pages, and microsites. Using a daily FTP feed, RMG clients receive reporting on-site activity that includes data such as; pages visited on your website, name, email, address, marital status, gender, vehicle owned, etc. from a roster of over 300 available attributes. “Today, approximately 90-95% of client’s website visitors provide no information and [...]

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