About Us

Response Marketing Group is a nimble, responsive, flexible, and accountable team providing customer-centric solutions to enhance your marketing and customer engagement.

Experience, Expertise & Focus

Response Marketing Group (RMG) was founded 30+ years ago to bring rigor and analysis to brand awareness ad campaigns. Since then we have stayed ahead of the technology and have embraced every opportunity to dive deeper into the data and deliver more capability with every advancement in the industry. 

Today, even with advanced technology tools, mobile, and proprietary applications, audiences are a moving target. It is our job to keep up and find truth in the relationship between brand and customer.

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Building Value

With experience, expertise, and focus, RMG was built to bring compelling value to the marketing system. Enhance your return on investment with data-driven decisions.

Doing More With Less

As clients are called on to do more with less, RMG enables that equation, thriving on that particular challenge and empowering our clients with the tools they need to succeed.

Improving Performance

With RMG as a marketing partner there is more efficiency, greater confidence in marketing decisions, and improved campaign performance across the board, getting the most out of the budget.

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Flexible Solutions

Our products and services are designed as an end-to-end solution, or we can step into gaps and provide any missing links in the data picture. 

Predictive modeling, audience segmentation, enhanced measurement, granular insight, and onsite visitor data combine to provide the intelligence you need for performance improvement at scale. 

Our Team of Experts



Ad Tech

Campaign Management

At RMG we are a highly seasoned collection of practitioners and subject matter experts; focused on data analytics driving next level marketing.

  • From developers to statisticians, writers to programmers, we are staffed to deliver end-to-end solutions on complex marketing objectives.
  • Our process-oriented team is bringing specialty skill sets to multifaceted data problems, and everyone at RMG takes ownership in our client success.
  • As a culture and a way of doing business we all believe in partnership, responsiveness, teamwork, and a can-do spirit.


Let’s work together to bring your data to life for your next marketing program.

Ready to Transform Your Marketing Performance?

Our experienced team is here to help you increase customer engagement, increase return on ad investment, enhance your marketing data, and get improved marketing performance.