Gain Direction for Marketing Action

For marketers, data is fuel for efficiently driving customer loyalty and marketing performance. 

With the ability to deploy RMG’s innovative ad tech, you can deanonymize visitors on the ground and on your digital properties, appending over 300+ attributes to create a clear view of your landscape and reveal what’s on the horizon for your business

Elevated Customer Data and Predictive Clarity

RMG offers a comprehensive list of products and services, from developing the latest in data technology tools like Bullseye and SmartPIXL, to offering deep expertise in legacy data practices like customer segmentation, predictive modeling, next-likely-product purchase models, cross-sell and upsell solutions, and data hygiene.

If an answer can be found in data, we know how to find it, and how to use it.

Customer Segmentation

Not all customers are the same, and some are going to be inherently more valuable than others. So instead of trying to be everybody’s best friend, we strive to understand the differences at a deep level, to discover which customers are best aligned and build communications designed specifically for them.

Data Hygiene

Ongoing, data hygiene best practices lead to increased efficiency in lead generation, lead tracking, proper personalization, and even the handling of customer service concerns. Eliminating errors in the data minimizes waste and saves money.

Predictive Modeling

We use machine learning and data mining to predict and forecast likely future outcomes with the aid of historical and existing data. We analyze the data and project what we learn on a model generated to forecast the most likely outcomes.

Product Purchase Modeling

A Next-Product-To-Buy model is designed to help marketers improve the effectiveness of cross-selling product recommendations. Using data analysis, we predict the product a customer would be most likely to buy next, and also when they’ll buy it.

Cross-sell Solutions

When a customer has put a given product in their basket, we recommend other products that would go with it (i.e. the batteries, the case, or the screen protector). The customer gets the benefit of getting all the accessories they may require, and the retailer turns a single-product purchase into a multi-product purchase.

Customer Journey

Use SmartPiXL to reveal a clear picture of your website visitor’s profile, for intelligent retargeting, and then deploy Bullseye, our custom geoframe technology to identify previously unknown visitors/attendees onsite for an unobstructed view of the customer’s journey.


Leveraging our proprietary data science tools allows us to reach the “holy grail” of marketing analysis and understanding. Beginning with click through to your website, SmartPiXL unlocks visitor data so you can see clearly who is visiting the site and where they came from. Not just a nameless data point, but a complete profile with information we can act on like age, income, net worth, presence of children, and much more.

“The SmartPIXL technology has allowed us to ID much more qualified applicants and increased our conversion pipeline”

John McCauley

CEO, Hippo Lending


Now that we know the profiles of those engaging and why, we deploy Bullseye to go a step further. Bullseye utilizes geolocation data to identify anonymous individuals who physically visit the location. A custom geo-frame is deployed to identify previously unknown visitors/attendees at events, visitor centers, accommodations, beaches, parks and attractions.

“The visitor intelligence gained from deploying RMG’s Bullseye was incredibly helpful.”

Robyn Bridges

Executive Director, Auburn Opelika Tourism

Here For You

Marketing Performance

  • Link data for a clear view of exactly what a successful customer journey looks like.
  • Know what prompts draw initial interest, what messaging converts visitors to customers, and even how they spent their time while onsite.
  • Retarget specific visitors with insight-driven messaging, and source lookalikes in the data to prioritize likely targets.

Expert Guidance

  • Reach your marketing objectives with support from our in-house experts.
  • We take your success personally, holding ourselves accountable for the direction you take with our solutions. We’ll be by your side to build on your success, constantly learning and improving your data.
  • Own your data and use it however you’d like.

Ready to Transform Your Marketing Performance?

Our experienced team is here to help you increase customer engagement, increase return on ad investment, enhance your marketing data, and get improved marketing performance.