Bullseye utilizes geolocation data to identify anonymous individuals who physically visit your target location.

Utilize Geolocation Data to ID Visitors With Bullseye

Bullseye deploys geoframe technology to identify and match individuals with key attributes like age, income, presence of children and over 200 more interests. Gaining insight allows you to ID and engage with those who are most likely to increase your revenue. 

With Bullseye you know your visitor, allowing you to fine-tune your marketing strategies and target your most profitable and responsive segments.

People at a parade
Ironman course in Augusta

“The Visitor Profile Analysis was some of the most insightful data we’ve ever seen.”

Lisa Love

Director Explore Georgia

On-site Data Capture

RMG builds and deploys Bullseye geoframe for any space.

Matched Identity Resolution

Captured device ID is matched to determine name, address & email. Data enhancement is available to create a full customer profile.

Fully Compliant Data Mart

Individual IDs are integrated into our GDPR & CCPA compliant DataMart along with existing/shared data.

Engagement and Relationship

Bullseye empowers marketing & advertising communications where targets feel more known and understood, resulting in more engaging relationships.

Ready to Transform Your Marketing Performance?

Our experienced team is here to help you increase customer engagement, increase return on ad investment, enhance your marketing data, and get improved marketing performance.