Destination Augusta


Bullseye Geoframes Tee Off

the challenge

This popular southeastern city, Augusta annually hosts one of the nation’s most popular sporting events. The large influx of visitors has always been a welcome boost to the economy, but this DMO didn’t have any specific information on the visitors: how many, where they were coming from, length of stay and critical demographics.

Golf crowd

the strategy

Using our core Bullseye Ad Tech, RMG constructed a series of four primary geoframes around known areas of the highest density locations impacted by tourists during the 2 weeks around this event. Recognizing they wanted to better understand traffic at key entrance points (airports), the impact on retail and dining establishments and lodging partners, the latitude and longitude based frames were strategically placed to maximize data gathering. Using RMG’s proprietary normative database and matching fully compliant Mobile Ad ID data, this client could gain critical insight to their guests.

the solution

The four frames yielded an abundance of visitor intelligence previously unknow to this DMO. Over 1.5 million devices were captured during the deployment period, yielding over 40,000 first and last names, addresses and nearly 11,000 emails. In addition, another 300,000 devices were known to be inside the frame and could be used for engagement via social, SMS/text or ad targeting. 

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