What Does Data-Driven Mean To You?

In the past week, I received emails from two respected sources – one from McKinsey Consulting and the other from eMarketer. Both were talking about how companies should be focused on harvesting data and using the constantly expanding technologies and platforms available today to better understand customer interests and behaviors. In fact one was pointed in stating “Don’t make the mistake of missing out on the next big thing again. And we predict the future of the marketing world will be forged by data-driven creative analysis that provides clear insights into what’s working–and what’s not–with your advertisements.”

For 36 years, Response Marketing Group has been “data-driven.” Maybe what’s “old school” has become new again. We believe our value proposition is simple and clear and our work has consistently driven increased ad response rates, lower cost per acquisition, increased cross-sell and upsell ratios and up to 200% ROI. Maybe data isn’t sexy, but we think those results are pretty attractive.

In 2020 we launched ad technology called Bullseye and SmartPIXL. Bullseye uses geoframes to identify individuals inside a defined space of any size or shape. SmartPIXL embeds a pixel in any digital web property and utilizes a proprietary algorithm to identify the site visitor by first and last name, email and over 100 demographics. Here’s the results our clients are getting:

  • Destination Augusta partnered with RMG to gain better insight to Masters Week on their market. We delivered over 70,000 unique names and addresses and 25k emails from a 2-week Bullseye deployment. Their marketing team said it would have taken over 4 years to generate that many qualified visitor names from any other marketing campaign.
  • The Roswell Film commission matched over 18,000 visitors to their production studios using Bullseye the last 6 months and have embarked on an engagement campaign of cross-promotion this summer.
  • Our client in Alys Beach, FL just imported 46,000 new emails to their CRM from a 4-month SmartPIXL deployment and have completely sold out their rental inventory through 2022. Targeted ad campaigns have driven over 3 million site visitors.
  • Auburn Opelika Tourism identified over 430,000 visitors last Fall during their home football season with first and last name, address, and 50+ demographics they will be engaging this Summer and Fall.

Not to boast, but we feel there is no competing technology that can deliver the depth and breadth of visitor intelligence RMG can offer. In fact, I’m willing to guarantee your ad agency can’t deliver the response insights RMG can. With the official start of summer, the next 12 weeks represent a tremendous opportunity for you to gather and import visitor intelligence that could lift your marketing success to new heights in 2022-23. Isn’t it time for you to consider a “data-driven” approach to your marketing?

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