What’s Our Value Proposition?

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I’m often asked that question when speaking with our prospective clients when they’re just starting to learn about our services. In a highly competitive and budget-conscious environment, I can appreciate that inquiry. My oversimplified answer would be that RMG provides intelligence – greater insight into the performance of your marketing campaigns, insight into who your current and prospective customers really are, and the intelligence to make improvements.

Our clients may be able to answer that question better than me. Stacy Hamilton, Director of Marketing at Alys Beach (https://alysbeach.com/) offers this example: “We wanted to know more about who buys and who rents and who wants to visit us. Google Analytics isn’t enough. RMG has tools and experience to help us sell more property, rent more units, and increase our awareness in our target markets.”

Dawn Medlin, Marketing Manager of Hippo Lending (https://www.hippolending.com) says “We deployed RMG’s SmartPIXL because we wanted to know more about our site traffic – who, where, why, and what they were viewing. We’ve constantly tweaked our media plans based on SmartPIXL insight.”

Data analytics has become an increasingly essential tool for businesses in all industries, including travel and tourism. As a marketing professional, understanding how to use data effectively can help you make informed decisions and better target your audience. One key advantage is the ability to understand customer behavior. RMG introduced SmartPIXL as a way to do that by capturing and matching website visitor information and overlaying demographics. This allows clients to see who’s on their site, what pages they view, and when they abandon the site.

“So what”, you ask. Isn’t the “holy grail” the ability to know both Who is your interested prospect and What they are interested in? The marriage of onsite and in-person behavior is gold and we pair that with over 200 demographics on 150 million consumers. 

While Google analytics provides basic site data, it doesn’t offer the rich demographics we do at an individual level. 

By tracking metrics such as website traffic, engagement rates, UTM response, and referral path, marketers can identify which campaigns are most effective and adjust their strategies accordingly. This data can also help marketers make informed decisions about where to allocate their budget and resources.

So, how can RMG’s consumer analytics enhance your marketing strategies? Here are just a few of the many ways we can accomplish that goal:

We help develop engagement strategies: Using SmartPIXL, clients can match 40-60% of their site traffic with name, address, email, and demographics of each user. Now you know that Jane Doe was onsite last night viewing lodging, restaurant, and attractions pages for 12 minutes. With full data compliance, you can engage Jane using her email or social targeting and deliver relevant messaging based on her interest.

Our software helps track campaign success: You thought you were targeting 35–55-year-old women with kids in families making over $100,000. SmartPIXL is telling you the ad campaigns are driving 65-year-old males making under $50,000. By analyzing data on customer behavior and preferences, marketing professionals can create campaigns that speak directly to their target audience and determine if they’re working.

This level of visibility helps you understand your audience and make changes quickly in order to accomplish goals and serve your audience in the best ways possible.

RMG analytics empower you to build advocacy: As you better understand the response to your marketing campaigns and engage with onsite and in-market consumers, you can confidently convey that success to your funding sources and key stakeholders. Sharing insights on key performance by market, by channel, and by event will help secure funding and confidence.

RMG data analytics presents powerful tools for marketing professionals in any industry. By understanding customer behavior, industry trends, and campaign success, marketers can create targeted campaigns that appeal to all of their audiences and drive business results. If you’re a marketing professional looking to better measure and enhance your marketing strategies, it’s time you consider emerging ad technology. 

For more information on data analytics and how it can benefit your business, visit rmg-usa.com or click here to get information on our solutions https://rmg-usa.com/solutions/.