Capitalizing on Publicity & Powering Insights for Alys Beach

Earlier this spring, our good friends at Alys Beach were featured in the Wall Street Journal, presenting them with an incredible opportunity for publicity, site traffic, and new customers. In partnership with Response Marketing Group, following this publication they harnessed the data technology available to them for audience matching, engagement measurement, and impact analysis.

By the Numbers

Alys Beach infographic

Alys Beach created this infographic capturing the resulting boost in activity across their website, socials, and email activity, as well as the WSJ’s efforts to promote the article globally. Highlights include:

  • Based on the available data, Alys Beach estimates this article reached nearly 70 million people worldwide through pure editorial coverage (separate from paid advertising, which is also included in their marketing and communications strategy).
  • Website visitation peaked at 4,500 on the day the article went live (a 167% increase!)
  • 82% of website searches were brand new visitors–and thanks to RMG, 1,100 email addresses were captured through our SmartPiXL technology

RMG Increases Value

Alys Beach received a well-deserved boost in digital traffic and social media engagement following the publication in the WSJ, and RMG helped them turn this traffic into actionable data and contact information with SmartPiXL.

SmartPiXL provides a clear picture of your website visitors for full visibility into your web traffic. When you know who is visiting your websites you can email, post or retarget your site visitors by name.

SmartPiXL places a pixel in your website header and identifies a site visitor by matching their unique IP address to our 200 million household data file. After matching, we then overlay up to 350 demographic attributes to provide insight to your site visitors; age, income, net worth, presence of children, and much more.

With a clear picture of your website visitor your marketing communications can be smarter about what you say to whom, building better relationships and impacting behavior.

Get in touch with RMG today to learn how SmartPiXL can help your company capitalize on editorial and marketing efforts.