Identify Your Unknown Visitors with Bullseye from RMG

Stop Guessing Who Is In Your Core Market And Whether Your Marketing Is Working

Every business segment wants to know who is in their core market and that of their competition. Bullseye deploys geoframe technology to identify and match individuals with key attributes like age, income, presence of children and over 200 more interests. Gaining insight allows you to ID and engage with those that will increase your revenue. Isn’t now the time to invest in knowing your customer to allow you to fine tune your marketing strategies and target your most profitable and responsive segments?


Who is in Your Market?

  • Would you like to know first and last name?
  • Match-back to ID home & email address?
  • Are they already in your database?


What Do You Know About Them?

  • Gender, age, income, net worth, children?
  • Demographic, psychographic & geographic data appending.
  • Interests & preferences?


Start Building a Relationship

  • Relevant messaging driven by interests.
  • Channel preference based on expressed intent.
  • Test & learn methodology.

Bullseye Utilizes Geolocation Data To Identify Anonymous Individuals
Custom Geo-frame is deployed to identify previously unknown visitors/attendees at events, visitor centers, accommodations, beaches, parks and attractions.

Provides a 360-degree view of online and offline information in a privacy-compliant way.

Why Bullseye from RMG?

  • Identify 40-75% Of Unknown Attendees At Events/Locations With Household Address And Email.
  • Gain A Complete Picture of Your Audience with Demographic/Geographic Data.
  • Develop Relevant and Engaging Messaging Across Multiple Channels By Understanding Visitor Data.
  • Increase Revenue Opportunities with Targeted Real-time Messaging.
  • Establish A Cadence of Communication With Your Visitor Segments.
  • Get Detailed Reporting To Share With Promotion Partners and Funding Sources.
Data Capture Icon

On-Site Data Capture

RMG builds and deploys Bullseye geoframe on any space.

Identity Resolution Icon

Matched Identity Resolution

Captured Device ID is matched to determine name, address & email.

Data enhancement can occur to create full customer profile.

Data Mart Icon

Fully Compliant DataMart

Individual ID is integrated in to GDPR & CCPA compliant DataMart along with existing/shared data.

Awareness and Engagement Icon

Awareness & Engagement

A powerful blend of innovative and persuasive strategies for both direct and brand-focused marketing & advertising execution.

These Times Demand You Fully Utilize Visitor Insights and Develop Ongoing Engagement Strategies For Your Marketing Communications.