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Case Study

How Data Drives Success

This luxury tourism destination on the Florida Panhandle has become one of the most sought-after destinations for discerning travelers. Originally launched as a combination ownership and rental community, Alys Beach has become an example of how data analysis and modeling can create tremendous success.

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The Challenge

After nearly seven years in existence, rave reviews and a host of designer awards, the Alys Beach development team was seeking ways to attract visitors beyond their traditional core southeast market. With a master plan to develop 500+ homesites that would feature rental property, retail, restaurants and events, Alys beach was poised to dramatically increase awareness both in primary feeder markets and new prospecting markets.

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The Strategy

RMG began the engagement by conducting primary research to assess awareness of the destination among target consumers. Using a target panel enhanced with the existing house file, we were able to better understand perceptions and awareness of Alys Beach.

Following the research RMG developed a Data Portrait Analysis of all homeowners, visitors, event ticket buyers, retail shoppers and restaurant patrons.

The analysis started with data hygiene, confirming name and address and eliminating duplicate or bad records. Twenty-five highly predictive attributes were overlaid on the house file to better profile owners, renters and visitors. This data became the foundation for a predictive model – identifying those most likely to visit Alys Beach based on current owners and renters.

While the client had traditionally seen Atlanta, Nashville and Birmingham as “feeder” markets, data analysis showed that Dallas, Houston, Orlando and Miami were hotbeds for prospect marketing. RMG then developed a multichannel ad campaign integrating digital ads, Facebook and opt-in email to test model recommendations.

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Multichannel Engagement

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The Solution

Since April 2020, the multichannel campaigns have driven over 840,000 visitors to the website (a 800% increase YOY) and confirmed Texas and central Florida as highly responding markets. In the midst of the crippling COVID pandemic, rental bookings were completely full, homesite sales were over 200% of comps and all available inventory was completely sold.

Ongoing testing and messaging continues, as RMG and Alys Beach continue to focus on identifying and engaging with those target consumers that align with the profile that has been developed by the use of primary research, data hygiene and data appending, predictive modeling and multichannel campaigns.

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