What Does Data-Driven Mean To You?

What Does “Data-Driven” Mean To You?In the past week, I received emails from two respected sources – one from McKinsey Consulting and the other from eMarketer. Both were talking about how companies should be focused on harvesting data and using the constantly expanding technologies and platforms available today to better understand customer interests and behaviors. In fact one was pointed in stating “Don’t make the mistake of missing out on the next big thing again. And we predict the future of the marketing world will be forged by data-driven creative analysis that provides clear insights into what's working–and what’s not–with [...]

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Get Ready For New Privacy Laws in 2023

  According to CPO magazine, it's never too early to start thinking about the impact of new privacy regulation that goes in to effect in 3 states in 2023. Since one of those is my home state of Virginia, here is some helpful advice from their recent article as we all prepare for the new regulations. New omnibus privacy laws will go into effect in California and Virginia on January 1, 2023, creating a slew of updated regulatory requirements for businesses. Colorado won’t be far behind, with the state’s own version of the law going into effect on July 1, [...]

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Bullseye Geoframe Builds 65,000 New Contacts For AO Tourism

The impact of football on college towns is well known, and perhaps nowhere greater than in the SEC. Auburn Opelika Tourism wanted to better identify and quantify the visitors that descended on their market during the 90 days of college football season. Partnering with RMG, we built 4 geoframes around key locations within the Auburn and Opelika geographies so we could better understand the participation of locals as well as visitors. Over the 90 day period, RMG identified over 6.5M mobile devices in market, which allowed us to match 784,000 individuals with a name, address and demographics. After we removed [...]

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