RMG Announces SmartPIXL Technology, Extending Bullseye Identity Resolution Capabilities

  Response Marketing Group announced yesterday they are excited to deploy SmartPIXL technology as a part of their Bullseye identity resolution suite of services. Working with M1 Data & Analytics as a partner, SmartPIXL allows clients to identify branded site visitors across all digital properties, like websites, landing pages, and microsites. Using a daily FTP feed, RMG clients receive reporting on-site activity that includes data such as; pages visited on your website, name, email, address, marital status, gender, vehicle owned, etc. from a roster of over 300 available attributes. “Today, approximately 90-95% of client’s website visitors provide no information and [...]

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New RMG Partnership Helps Drive Customer Engagement and Increase Visitors

Two Companies Come Together to Help Destinations and Hotels Succeed Using Data Intelligence     Two highly experienced organizations rooted in the hospitality and travel industry, Total Hospitality Industry Solutions and Response Marketing Group have announced a formal partnership to expand service offerings to their clients and the broader market. THIS and RMG will partner to bring market-leading capabilities in targeted group and leisure travel marketing services to their clients while remaining independent agencies. The CEOs of both agencies expressed a shared belief that the expanded offerings from the partnership allowed their respective clients best-in-class services that complement existing strengths [...]

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Do You Know Who Your Visitors REALLY Are?

With respected tourism research firms like Destination Analyst and Longwoods predicting that in 2021, 70-80% of DMO visitors will be returnees, it seems critically important to know who your visitors really are. That means understanding the detail such as their age, gender, income, presence of children, net worth, behaviors, preferred channels and interests. AT RMG, we've used data appending to help our clients gain a MUCH clearer picture of exactly who has an interest in their location, product or service. RMG offers the Data Portrait Analysis as an analytical tool to better understand your audience. By providing your data files, [...]

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