🍝 What can a can of noodles teach you about marketing?

Years ago, a food manufacturing client specializing in canned pasta products experienced the power of customer data firsthand–and their lesson learned still applies today.

They marketed their flagship can of noodles to mothers with young children, and sales were good so they assumed their advertising was working. Once grocery store partners made loyalty card purchase data available, this client saw exactly who was buying their product. Surprisingly, mothers were nowhere near the top of the list of top consumer segments (it was actually older adults on fixed incomes). Even after spending millions on advertising and marketing campaigns, they didn’t realize their ads weren’t working until they had access to the right data.

What can I learn from these noodle cans?

It’s unlikely that you’re also in the canned pasta business, but that doesn’t mean you can’t glean some key lessons from their mistakes. 

  • Good sales performance can mask poor marketing performance

  • You may be leaving money on the table when advertising isn’t reaching your target audience

  • Your most loyal and profitable customer segments might be left behind if you’re not getting the right data

How do I know if RMG can help me?

RMG can help you fill your data gaps, maximize your marketing ROI, and provide you with the proof to know your marketing is working. If any of these statements apply to you, you can schedule a demo with our team faster than you can reheat that tinned spaghetti. 

  • I don’t know who’s actually clicking on my paid advertisements
  • I don’t have email addresses and contact information for everyone who visits my website
  • I don’t know everyone who’s visiting me on-site or how to get in touch with them
  • I don’t have clear marketing segments and ideal customers to focus my marketing efforts

What can I do with data and insights from RMG?

With RMG, you can harness the power of deanonymized visitor data with SmartPIXL and Bullseye to kick off new campaigns or bolster existing marketing efforts:

  • Build up your CRM to crack the top of your funnel wide open with previously unknown prospects who are actually visiting your website or location
  • Validate marketing campaigns to know the people you’re targeting are actually the ones clicking on your ads and expressing interest in your business
  • Identify new target markets and segments to uncover previously untapped potential for your next marketing efforts

Don’t let your spaghetti go cold while waiting for your marketing ROI to improve on its own. Let RMG help you reach your goals today and schedule a free demo.