RMG Announces SmartPIXL Technology, Extending Bullseye Identity Resolution Capabilities

Response Marketing Group announced yesterday they are excited to deploy SmartPIXL technology as a part of their Bullseye identity resolution suite of services. Working with M1 Data & Analytics as a partner, SmartPIXL allows clients to identify branded site visitors across all digital properties, like websites, landing pages, and microsites. Using a daily FTP feed, RMG clients receive reporting on-site activity that includes data such as; pages visited on your website, name, email, address, marital status, gender, vehicle owned, etc. from a roster of over 300 available attributes.

“Today, approximately 90-95% of client’s website visitors provide no information and complete no forms. We’re really excited to partner with M1 and add SmartPIXL as another identity resolution tool our clients can access within our Bullseye suite of data intelligence”, says RMG President & CEO Jim Harenchar. “We see our tourism clients benefiting tremendously from the ability to identify and engage with those visitors who are clearly expressing an interest in their location, resort, or attractions. Really, any consumer or B2B client will benefit from the insight gained through SmartPIXL. Especially with the upcoming browser shift away from first and third-party cookie data.”

The SmartPiXL is placed in the header of the website, allowing it to track all pages on that website. Site owners must also include specific language to the privacy policy of the site hosting SmartPiXL, as is currently being done with GDPR and CCPA compliance. SmartPiXL data comes from all walks of life; online data, offline data, transactional data, real property records, public records, consumer data files, VIN data files, new mover files, as well as affiliate data aggregators, and more. When a user visits a site with SmartPiXL the pixel fires and a series of real-time queries occur. Data is returned from the queries, a fingerprint is built, and a matching process is run. While this sounds like a lot, it all happens in about 400 milliseconds.

Easily see all of your campaigns, media channels, and responses in one single view. Know what markets and strategies are performing best and interact with your customer directly from the system. Deploy engagement strategies using opt-in email addresses gained from the 200 million household data files from RMG. In addition, SmartPIXL provides clients Facebook integrationData can flow into a custom audience for you to target with no privacy restrictions because it’s your data.