Jane Smith Was On Your Website Last Night

Jane, mother of two children 12 and 14, marathon runner and avid skier, was on your site looking at your area and attractions. She has been to Orlando, the Grand Canyon and Boulder in the last 3 years. She may have clicked on a Facebook ad or found you on a Google search or received your email. Do you know? Not just how she found you, but all about Jane and her interests?

Prospective clients and customers are more “research-based” than ever before, and are often scoping out your digital assets before reaching out to do business. The challenge with identity resolution is that the lionshare of your website visitors remain anonymous. In other words, most businesses are passively waiting for people to visit their website, and proactively enter in their contact details or call them directly. 90-95% of site visitors NEVER provide any information.

How much more revenue could you add to your business if many of those anonymous visitors became known to you? What if you could get their information so that YOU can get in touch with them immediately using opt-in email or targeted social?

It’s possible!

RMG now offers Smart Pixel technology, and we’re able to turn your anonymous website visitors into fully identified, first party consumer data.

Here’s how it works:

  • When a match and identification takes place, we can return up to 300 attributes on the consumer.
  • You get a name, postal address, email, gender, and DOB.
  • You may also receive more specific details like homeowner status, vehicle ownership, political party affiliation, number of children in household, and much more.

All it takes is a simple piece of header code added to your site, and Smart Pixel will take care of the rest. All data collected is in full compliance with all applicable laws and regulations.

Imagine the competitive edge you’ll have over the rest of your industry by being able to connect directly with contacts who are warm to your brand. You’ll be able to get in touch with prospective clients and customers faster than your competitors, and close more sales.

Is this a game changer? We think so.