🌟 Exciting News from RMG! 🌟

We are thrilled to announce that Melissa Lewis has joined our team as a Senior Account Executive! With her impressive blend of strategy, creativity, analytics, and proven go-to-market tactics, Melissa is set to lead our partner development and enhance customer relationships to new heights. 🚀

As travel seasons heat up and predictions point towards a record-breaking 2024, the question on every marketer’s mind should be: How well do you really know your visitors? Beyond the numbers, understanding the person behind each visit is crucial. 🌍✈️

🔍 2024 Marketing Checklist:

  • Do you know WHO is engaging with your website/ads/location?
  • Can you effectively utilize this data?
  • Are you able to segment and tailor outreach personally?

If you find yourself pondering these questions, worry not! RMG stands ready with over 35 years of experience, advanced Ad Technology, and a vast 150mm household database to make visitor intelligence a cornerstone of your strategy. 📊

Let’s make data analysis easy and actionable. Reach out to Melissa at mlewis@rmg-usa.com for a transformative 30-minute session on how RMG can elevate your marketing goals.

Here’s to achieving marketing excellence together! 🌟

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